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Wedding Cake Topper

My husband and I met at a watch party for Walking Dead about 7 years ago. We soon became fast friends and the rest is history. Fast forward to our wedding, where we had a zombie themed cake topper for our cake. Not everyone may think of zombies and love stories going together, but I sure do! After the wedding, I hung on to our cake topper because it was so special to me, but had no idea what to do with it. Then my idea for Custom Memories was born! Instead of keeping special items in a dusty closet or cluttering up the house, why not memorialize them by turning them into art!


Old Broken Chair

This old wooden chair with missing slats on the seat, came with so many memories. Every Wednesday for 30 years the owner of the chair would go over to their grandmother's and sit in this chair and talk to her while she was making dinner. This chair contained a lifetime of memories but had turned into an unusable piece of clutter in their home. To embody this cherished memory with all the joy it encompassed, they gave me the remaining chair slats and I painted them with a meaningful quote. Now this memory can be hung on a wall and celebrated every day.


I had a busted chair full of memories. After giving it to Megan she returned to me a treasured piece of art, that brings me joy every single day and fills my heart with the memory and love of my Grandmother.
-Owner of Chair